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Personal Injury Investigations: Wrongful Death and why you need a private investigator

By definition, a wrongful death is the result of a wrongful act or negligence of a person, or entity, which caused a death and is filed as a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death suit is sometimes filed if a criminal action has failed to bring about a conviction.

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Personal Injury Investigations: Workplace

A work related injury or illness which occurs as the result of events in the work environment are typically covered under the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. However, there are exceptions and in some cases an employee may sue for damages

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False Arrests and Abuse of the Fourth Amendment

When a citizen is detained, and an officer acts under the assumption of legal authority to prevent them liberty of movement while conducting a search of their person or property, is one example of abuse of the Fourth Amendment .

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What Makes a Good Prosecutor go Bad?

Prosecuting attorneys are hired to represent the state in the effort to convict those who commit criminal acts, however, sometimes the lines of ethics and responsibility are crossed. Recently, a high ranking prosecutor in the Brooklyn, NY district attorney’s office,

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Shady Tactics in an Unbalanced System

The US Justice System is represented by the scales of justice, balancing fairly each side of a case considered in court. The depiction of Lady Justice holding the scales while blindfolded and wielding a sword is the portrayal of objectivity

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