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What Makes a Good Prosecutor go Bad?

Prosecuting attorneys are hired to represent the state in the effort to convict those who commit criminal acts, however, sometimes the lines of ethics and responsibility are crossed. Recently, a high ranking prosecutor in the Brooklyn, NY district attorney’s office,

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NYU Documentary Film Festival Features Jonathan Fleming, Bob Rahn & Kim Anklin in The Trouble with Innocence

  On Saturday, February 7, Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin of Management Resources LTD of NY will be attending the 2015 NYU News and Doc Film Festival. Director and journalist Yamiche Alcindor interviewed the pair for THE TROUBLE WITH INNOCENCE,

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The Investigation of a Wrongful Conviction: The Jonathan Fleming Case

    On April 8, 2014, Jonathan Fleming became a free man after serving almost 25 years of his life in the New York prison system for a murder he did not commit. News of his exoneration captured the world’s

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The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming – Part One

PART I – CASE FACTS Jonathan Fleming first contacted Management Resources Ltd of NY in 2010, asking if we would be interested in looking into his case. Mr. Fleming claimed that he was wrongfully convicted for a homicide which occurred

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