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Shady Tactics in an Unbalanced System

The US Justice System is represented by the scales of justice, balancing fairly each side of a case considered in court. The depiction of Lady Justice holding the scales while blindfolded and wielding a sword is the portrayal of objectivity

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Steps to Take if You are Falsely Accused of a Crime (Part I)

People generally assume that they would never be accused or arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, however, wrongful convictions have happened at an alarming rate and thousands are behind bars today because of circumstances they believed were beyond their

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Jonathan Fleming: One Year Free

Twelve months to the day that we accepted his case, a phone call from Jonathan Fleming came from Wende Correctional Facility stating that his counselor had just left his cell. She told him she had received parole board hearing materials

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The Investigation of a Wrongful Conviction: The Jonathan Fleming Case

    On April 8, 2014, Jonathan Fleming became a free man after serving almost 25 years of his life in the New York prison system for a murder he did not commit. News of his exoneration captured the world’s

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The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming – Part One

PART I – CASE FACTS Jonathan Fleming first contacted Management Resources Ltd of NY in 2010, asking if we would be interested in looking into his case. Mr. Fleming claimed that he was wrongfully convicted for a homicide which occurred

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