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Personal Injury Investigations: Wrongful Death and why you need a private investigator

By definition, a wrongful death is the result of a wrongful act or negligence of a person, or entity, which caused a death and is filed as a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death suit is sometimes filed if a criminal action has failed to bring about a conviction.

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The Prosecution Has a Team of Investigators, Why Shouldn’t You?

  If you’ve been arrested for a crime, especially if you are certain of your innocence, you must not rely on the justice system to always do the right thing. As the defendant in a criminal case, you’ll want to

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Private Investigators as Advocates

When investigating criminal defense cases, Management Resources’ Investigators are independent and confidential fact finders. Their goal is to uncover what actually happened and seek truthful information. The truth may not always be the outcome a particular client may be seeking,

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