Charges Against Randy Williams are Dropped and He is Free

Randy Williams charges dismissedOn March 17, 2016 Randy Williams’ charges of murder were dropped and he was immediately released. After a 10 month investigation, re-interviewing witnesses who had recanted their testimony, and collecting evidence, we were able to witness another man set free after 9 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

We acknowledge the hard work of appellate attorney, Richard Mischel, defense attorney, Michael Farkas, and civil rights and wrongful conviction attoneys, Paul Callan and Martin Edelman. We also acknowledge another mother who never gave up on her son, Rosie Benjamin.

Media coverage about Randy Williams:

NY Daily News

NY Post

Details on the Randy Williams case from 2007-2016 can be found at The National Registry of Exonerations



The Jonathan Fleming Wrongful Conviction and Exoneration

Kim Anklin, Jonathan Fleming, Bob Rahn

Kim Anklin, Jonathan Fleming, Bob Rahn

After working with our client, Jonathan Fleming, for one year we were able to uncover evidence which was turned over to the Conviction Intregrity Board and the Brooklyn District Attorney which resulted in his exoneration on April 8, 2014.

The media coverage was overwhelming throughout the nation and globally. We were able to spend much of the first week with Mr. Fleming observing his interviews and enjoying his freedom.

Download comprehensive list of media surrounding the exoneration of Jonathan Fleming:  Download PDF

Radio Appearances

April 5, 2014 Shattered Lives, Jonathan Fleming wrongful conviction

April 15, 2014 Karas On Crime with Beth Karas, Jonathan Fleming investigation

April 22, 2014, The Roth Show, Private Investigators and Wrongful Conviction

April 24, 2014, Shattered Lives Special Edition, Investigating Wrongful Convictions

May 22, 2014, PI’s Declassified with Francie Koehler

May 25, 2014, Karas on Crime with Beth Karas, the role of Private Investigators

June 1, 2014, Crime Time with Vito Colucci

Print Interviews/Commentary

April 8, 2014, Wrongly Convicted Man’s Attorney: ‘Where The Hell Was This Evidence’ David Lohr, Huffington Post

April 19, 2014, The For-Hire Soldiers in the Fight for Justice, Op-ed by Investigative Journalist Diane Dimond

April 21, 2014, Private Investigators as Heroes of JusticeDiane Dimond

April 25, 2014,  Falsely accused Jonathan Fleming gets out of prison after 25 years-Now what?    Dr. Laurie Roth, Renew America, News With Views

May 5, 2014,   SPIOnline Newsletter Two New York PI’s Help Exonerate an Innocent Man. (pdf)

May 10, 2014, Local private investigators help free man wrongly jailed 24 years,Times-Herald Record, Heather Yakin



February, 2015  The Trouble With Innocence, Documentary film by Yamiche Alcindor. Her account of the wrongful conviction and exoneration of Jonathan Fleming.


April 17, 2014 Wild About Trial with Beth Karas, Back Story of Jonathan Fleming investigation


You bring honor and integrity to our business and you have used your skills to improve another person’s life.  For that I thank you for your service and commitment to our profession…..Fritz{KING}Vincent , Senior Managing Director/President, NYS Licensed Private Investigator, KPSS Investigation and Security LLC
Congratulations on a job well done!! You exemplify how Private Investigators should be: diligent, compassionate, & seekers of the truth!…..LUIS SOLARES

Management Resources LTD of NY partners Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin are available for interviews and commentary.  Please contact ImaginePublicity 843-808-0859 or email: or contact Management Resources directly.


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  1. […] exoneration of Jonathan Fleming quickly made headlines across the US and globally. What many of the major news outlets didn’t cover was the back story of the year-long […]

  2. […] of Jonathan Fleming quickly made headlines across the US and globally. What many of the major news outlets didn’t cover was the back story of the year-long […]

  3. […] and Anklin will be discussing their recent investigation in the Jonathan Fleming case and how their investigation uncovered key evidence turned over to the Conviction Intregrity Board […]

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