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The Ripple Effect of Wrongful Convictions

  Wrongful convictions continue to get attention and the issue is finally making headway as more cases come to light. Additionally, there has been an increase of those willing to step up and advocate for the innocently incarcerated to create

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The Problem with Eyewitness Testimony and Wrongful Convictions

Each criminal case has its own set of unique circumstances and defendants aren’t always tried and convicted as easily as seen on television. Untold things may happen behind the scenes of an investigation before the case goes before a judge and jury,

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Thank You, Edelman & Edelman Staff

  What began with two investigators from Management Resources Ltd. of NY uncovering a man’s innocence, is now part of a much larger movement. The exoneration of Jonathan Fleming has not only changed a man’s life, it’s also changed the lives of

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Private Investigators as Advocates

When investigating criminal defense cases, Management Resources’ Investigators are independent and confidential fact finders. Their goal is to uncover what actually happened and seek truthful information. The truth may not always be the outcome a particular client may be seeking,

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The Rise in US Wrongful Convictions

The United States makes up only 5% of the world’s population, yet we incarcerate 25% of the world’s prison population. Does this mean that every person is in fact guilty? The National Registry of Exonerations updated their findings in March

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