The Prosecution Has a Team of Investigators, Why Shouldn’t You?


Arrested for a crime you didn't commit

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, especially if you are certain of your innocence, you must not rely on the justice system to always do the right thing. As the defendant in a criminal case, you’ll want to assemble the best team possible, and that should include having an investigator as part of your legal team.

Why is it so important? The prosecuting attorney has access to investigators, detectives, and police, along with the evidence they have acquired in an effort to build a case against you; their goal is to win. In a perfect world, justice would be the ultimate outcome, but, in today’s system, justice is commonly flawed, or political in nature.

Underneath the oftentimes corrupt criminal justice system lies the truth.

Investigators who work along with criminal defense attorneys are truth seekers, not looking for the next win, but searching out the veracity of the evidence so that true justice is served.

We’ve written extensively on how vital it is for defense attorneys to hire private investigators and how by doing so best serves the client. An investigator’s finding becomes a part of the “attorney work product” allowing the same protection of attorney/client privilege of confidentiality.

In a climate where wrongful convictions are being discovered every day, it’s imperative for a defendant to become educated on the possibility of being convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. A good investigative team can assist the defense attorney by combing through and analyzing the evidence, interviewing witnesses, and offering advice from their conclusions.

Recently, we wrote a two-part series on Steps to Take if Falsely Accused, addressing what to do at the time of arrest, and how to prepare for trial, a wrongful conviction, and the appeal process.

Having a private investigator on the legal defense team ensures that all witnesses and evidence are scrutinized thoroughly and, if there is any sign of misconduct, it can be presented before a defendant’s case is settled.

The hard truth; going to prison for a crime you didn’t commit isn’t always the anomaly.  Everyone should be aware of the consequences of an inadequate defense, one without the entirety of evidence required to paint the picture of the truth. This is a critical role of the investigators, to advocate for the client and ensure evidence and rights are preserved.

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