Message from Jonathan Fleming

Management Resources principles Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin were honored to be included in Penn State’s online course, Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction. Interviewed extensively about the wrongful conviction and exoneration of Jonathan Fleming, many questions arose from the class. Kim Anklin has been answering questions from students in the forum, “Ask Kim Anything.” Although the class is complete we are reprinting some of the general entries with the hope that readers will learn more about these types of investigations.


Jonathan Fleming and Kim Anklin

Jonathan Fleming and Kim Anklin

Since several of you asked me how Jonathan Fleming has been doing since his exoneration, I asked him to say a few words to you.

A message from Jonathan Fleming – Exonerated 4/8/2014:

To the Penn State Students:

I wanted to express to you how appreciative I am that you are taking this class and are interested in my case. While I try to put my life back together, I hope that more people take the time to learn about how someone can be wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for almost 25 years for something they didn’t do.

Please know that while I am very happy and grateful that I am free, these past four months have not been easy. I have become painfully aware how much time I have lost. My four sons are grown and I have not been there to help them navigate through life. Two of my sons were actually with me in Florida so you can only imagine how hard this has been on them. My mother is not well and I worry about her everyday. Throughout my incarceration and now free, my mother continues to be my greatest supporter and I wouldn’t be here without her love for me.

Whatever your plans are to work in combatting wrongful convictions please know I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The victim in my case was my friend. It is not fair that he and his family did not get justice. His girlfriend at the time was pregnant with his son. Another boy left to grow up without his father sickens me. I know because I could not be there for my sons. No one should suffer being incarcerated while the real perpetrators get to be free and their children left to wonder who their Dad is.

Thank you for being out in the world for us.

My warmest regards,

Jonathan Fleming

To keep up to date on Questions From the Class read all previous posts.


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