A True Story of Law and Order

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Licensed Professional Investigators receive new cases in a variety of ways. We at Management Resources Ltd of NY are contacted by attorneys as well as their clients seeking the services of our investigative staff. Many times the attorney will contact us and say they need our services for a client, but the client will be hiring us directly. Whenever we take on a new case, whether it is criminal or civil, we recommend that the attorney hire us and not the client.

The following story is a prime example of an attorney retaining a private investigator as quickly as possible:

On 12/27/09, the Sunday after Christmas I was planning to unwind from the hectic holiday shopping season by watching football games all day. These plans changed around 1pm when the phone rang. Edgar De Leon, owner of De Leon & Associates, PLLC (http://www.deleonlawyers.com/) told me he had just been retained by a couple from Boston who had stayed the weekend in New York after visiting relatives. The wife retained Mr. De Leon on behalf of her husband who had been arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment the night before. During the course of his arrest, the husband had been beaten by the police to the extent that his leg was broken in 3 places. At this time, her husband was in the hospital and she needed to be spoken to immediately.

By 4pm I was in Manhattan speaking to the wife. She was extremely upset, understandably confused, and did not know who to turn to for help. I sat with her for about an hour and learned that she and her husband where staying in a midtown hotel for the weekend on their way back to Boston. On Saturday evening they were in the hotel’s bar having a few drinks and watching a soccer game. There were several other people at the bar also watching the game. Her husband and the other individuals got into a verbal altercation about the two teams who were playing. According to the wife, there was some “back slapping” and some pushing between her husband and the other men, but that was the extent of the incident. No one was fighting, yelling, or injured. She and her husband left and went up to their room. A short time later, the police arrived and knocked on the door waking them both up. The wife answered the door and the police stated they wanted to speak with her husband because they had been told that he pushed his wife downstairs in the bar. The wife stated that this was untrue and that nothing had happened. The police came into the room and handcuffed the husband behind his back. They took him out into the hallway where one of the officers kicked her husband in the leg several times causing him to fall to the floor in pain. An ambulance was called and her husband was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple fractures of his lower leg.

I left the wife and immediately went to the hotel. As luck would have it the bartender was on duty from the night before. I spoke to him and he confirmed the altercation between the husband and the other men at the bar. He stated that there was some pushing and shoving, but no one was hurt and no one requested medical attention. I then went up to the room and canvassed the other residents on the floor in search of witnesses.

The next day I spoke to the hotel manager and asked to see the hotel video cameras for the bar, lobby and hallway where the incident with the police occurred. The manager was very helpful and provided me with a copy of the video footage which I immediately turned over to Mr. De Leon. The coverage clearly recorded the altercation between our client and the officer.    http://bit.ly/8Y0jCV

The end result of this case was that all charges were dropped against our client. Our clients are now seeking damages from the City of New York. The officer that broke our client’s leg in three places is still working. The key to this successful outcome was the timeliness in which this case was handled. Mr. De Leon contacted us immediately after retaining the client. We were able to get to the location the day after the incident and identify and interview witnesses before anyone else. We were also able to obtain the necessary evidence which Mr. De Leon used in defense of his client.

celebratingManagement Resources Ltd of New York is a professional investigative firm licensed in New York and New Jersey. .  Management Resources is a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Associated Licensed Detectives of New York, and Founding Members and Regional Directors of Investigating Innocence.

Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin are available for interviews or speaking engagements.  Contact ImaginePublicity at 843-808-08509 or email contact@imaginepublicity.com 


President/CEO and Director of Investigations for Management Resources Ltd of New York

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2 comments on “A True Story of Law and Order
  1. Thanks to your professionalism, the couple received the proper assistance. It disturbs me that the officer who kicked the husband is still working! No consequences? What about the truth? Ladyjustice

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