The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming – Part One

Jonathan Fleming, Wrongful conviction, Management Resources LTD of NY


Jonathan Fleming first contacted Management Resources Ltd of NY in 2010, asking if we would be interested in looking into his case. Mr. Fleming claimed that he was wrongfully convicted for a homicide which occurred in the Williamsburg Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY in 1989. We expressed our interest to look into his case, but, unfortunately, his financial situation at the time prevented him from hiring us as investigators.

In March of 2013 Mr. Fleming’s finances were such that he was able to retain our services and we began the investigation in April, 2013.

The facts and background of the case are as follows:

  • On 8/15/89 at approximately 2 AM, Darryl Rush (AKA“Black”) was shot and killed in the Williamsburg Housing Development in Brooklyn.
  • On 8/19/89 Jonathan Fleming was arrested and charged with the murder. He was convicted after trial in July 1990 and sentenced to 25 years to life.
  • Three witnesses testified against him at his trial. All were admitted crack addicts at the time. The sole “eye witness” testified that she observed the shooting from across the courtyard, while standing in a second floor landing in the Williamsburg Houses at 2am after smoking crack all day.
  • For the past 23 years, Mr. Fleming has never admitted to killing the victim, nor did he ‘have the victim killed’, and has tried to prove his innocence.

During the time of the homicide of Darryl Rush, Jonathan Fleming  was on a family vacation in Orlando, Florida with his girlfriend, mother, son and nephew. Evidence submitted at trial supporting Mr. Fleming’s alibi include several witnesses’ testimony, plane ticket receipts, hotel receipts, photographs and video of Mr. Fleming during the 5 day trip.

Our initial investigation consisted of organizing and analyzing hundreds of pages of hearings and trial transcripts to familiarize ourselves with the case. We then had to identify and attempt to locate witnesses who testified against Mr. Fleming at trial. We also had to identify and locate other potential witnesses.

Since the homicide occurred in 1989 and Mr. Fleming’s arrest and trial was in 1990, we knew we were faced with a difficult task.

This is the first part in a multi-part series as we are diligently working to secure freedom for Jonathan Fleming. We hope you will subscribe to this blog at the right of the page to receive updates in your email and follow the case details.


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5 comments on “The Wrongful Conviction of Jonathan Fleming – Part One
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