False Accusations Tear Families Apart

Families, false accusations, recant of testimony

We conducted a criminal defense investigation in which our client was charged with various sexual related crimes. In 2008 our client was arrested, and convicted based solely upon the complaint of his step-son who was 12 years old at the time. Our client had been living with this boy, his brother and their mother for 10 years and took very good care of both boys as they were growing up.

After his arrest he went to jail, and had to register as a sex offender. The court issued a restraining order against him and he was not permitted to have any contact with his wife. This has been very difficult for him since they have been together for so long.

This nightmare lasted for 2 years. Now the stepson, who is 14 has come forward and told his mother that he lied about what he told the police and said that his step-father had done nothing to him. He stated his step-father was too strict and controlling and wanted him out of the house. He was also jealous that his step-father had a better relationship with his older brother than with him so he made the entire story up.

Not only did this boy destroy his step-father’s life, but he turned the family against each other by alienating his mother and brother against him.

Now that the truth has come out our investigative and legal team must convince the prosecutor that the allegations were false. The boy will have to recant his statement in court and hopefully the attorney can get the charges against the step-father dropped and his record expunged.

This is a difficult case for those involved, but it has brought the mother and her two sons closer and hopefully they can put the family they once had back together again.

If any of our readers find themselves victims of false allegations and are in a similar situation please feel free to contact us for assistance.



President/CEO and Director of Investigations for Management Resources Ltd of New York

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