What can a Private Investigative Firm offer your company?

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The last thing a CEO of a thriving corporation needs to concern themselves with is how to find and hire a private investigator. Or is it? Why would they need the services of a licensed private investigator?

The truth is that in the world we live in, a professional investigator is just as important to the corporate management team as their attorney, human resource manager, or accountant.

There are many services that a private investigative firm can offer corporate clients. Here are just a few:

Employment Background Check

Background checks should be conducted on new applicants as well as tenured employees.

A typical background search will include social security and address verification, criminal conviction histories, driving records, professional licensing verification, any records of bankruptcy, liens or judgments, and if necessary, credit report histories.

A properly completed background check can reduce the risk of identity theft, information theft and property theft. They also provide the employer with a defense against negligent hiring and negligent retention litigation such as the ones listed below:

Premises liability (the duty of a property owner to take responsible steps to guard against reasonably foreseeable violence).

Respondent superior (an employer’s indirect liability for the wrongful acts of an employee committed within the course and scope of employment).

Negligent hiring (the failure to properly screen job applicants, particularly for sensitive positions involving a high degree of interaction with the public).

Negligent supervision (the failure to supervise employees and to discipline violators of anti-violence rules).

Negligent retention (the failure to terminate employees who have engaged in behavior in violation of company policies).

Harassment (sexual or otherwise) prohibited under discrimination laws when threats or violence are motivated by a victim’s protected status.

Corporate Fraud

In these tough economic times corporate fraud is something that every business owner must pay attention to. Whether it be workers comp, or unemployment insurance fraud, expense account fraud, or embezzlement of company funds, it is costing the company money.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American companies lose $660 billion dollars to internal fraud every year. A single incident of internal fraud costs the victimized company approximately $200,000.  Certified Fraud Examiners and Forensic Accountants are just some of the tools that private investigators utilize against corporate fraud.

Employees may attempt to defraud the company by filing false Workers Comp claims. They may even be working a second job while out on workers comp.

Working another job while out on paid sick leave from your company is another area of growing fraud and a theft of time.

Employees laid off by your company may find jobs “off the books” and continue to utilize your unemployment insurance while collecting a full paycheck from someone else. This is another form of fraud which can be costly to your firm.

Property and Information Theft

Information theft is increasing every day and is expected to be a major area of concern for corporations and businesses in the coming years. Are there issues in your company pertaining to the theft of intellectual property? Are your offices and boardrooms free of eavesdropping devices that may be providing your competitors with advanced knowledge of products or ideas that your company is working on?

Private investigators can conduct Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Investigations that will search for covert audio, video and GPS devices that may be in use in or on company owned property.

Unauthorized use of Company Electronic Devices

Your company computers, smart phones and PDA’s contain valuable and sensitive information. What happens if they are compromised? What happens if they are lost or stolen? Are they being used for personal business by your employees? Do they contain pornographic material that may have been downloaded by employees that may be used against you in a sexual harassment claim? Are employees spending their working hours surfing the net on your time?

Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Investigations and Counter Surveillance Investigations can be useful in answering these questions.

Workplace Violence

Many Private Investigative firms also offer Executive Protection Services to Executives, Dignitaries, VIPS, Celebrities and Individuals Transporting Valuable Commodities. These services can be used during scheduled termination proceedings. Personal Protection Agents are trained to identify and defuse potentially violent situations. These individuals can be utilized by companies during a scheduled employment termination and can escort the terminated employee off the property to avoid the possibility of a workplace violence incident.

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