Casey Anthony – The Right to Remain Silent

A tough lesson to learn after you have talked

As with great Shakespearean tragedies, we have been riveted by the cast of characters in the Casey Anthony trial. Why are so many of us so captivated? Perhaps in part, it is because the huge amount of public and discoverable material Casey Anthony has willingly or unwillingly provided (i.e., written statements obtained by police, audio tapes with detectives, jailhouse video conversations with her parents, jailhouse letters etc.).

For a moment, let us put aside the fact that Casey Anthony’s child turned up dead six months after her mother claimed she was “kidnapped by the nanny”, or the fact that she lead her family, law enforcement, and the nation on a very public roller coaster of lies and deception. Let us put aside the seemingly never-ending amount of physical and circumstantial evidence the prosecution is presenting as of this writing.

For now, let us focus on the right to remain silent. I ask you to think back to July 15, 2008 when her wall of lies began to crumble, and her biggest lies were yet to come. Casey Anthony had the right to remain silent. Instead as with many sociopaths she thought she could flirt, lie, appease and manipulate her way out of well, being where she is now.

As a criminal defense investigator, I can only shake my head and wonder if the thought to perhaps keep her mouth shut ever crossed her mind. Did she ever think that each time she told another absurd lie she dug herself in deeper and deeper?

When working a case, an investigator’s first goal is to find out what a person has already stated. Whether a suspect, witness or victim, we want to know what story they have locked themselves into. From there, every detail is picked apart to find the deception that can then be exploited. An initial statement, accompanied by the waiver of Miranda warnings, can be incredibly damaging. The material surrounding a case such as Casey Anthony’s would be a gold mine.

Over the months leading up to the discovery of Calyee Anthony’s remains, I can only imagine Casey unknowingly continued to give the prosecution this plethora of material to hang herself with. Perhaps had she evoked her rights from the beginning, obtained legal counsel, and spun a believable story of accidental death, she might now be facing a manslaughter charge.

As for her defense team, I can only say I have the utmost regard for their creativity and understand why they are presenting such a wacky defense. She has given them no choice.

Written by Kim Anklin, Vice President and Senior Investigative Analyst

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President/CEO and Director of Investigations for Management Resources Ltd of New York

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