Skeletal Remains Found

In our last post I wrote about the disappearance of Ed Ratynski from his home in South Fallsburg, NY. Yesterday, the Times Herald Record reported the discovery of skeletal remains in Rock Hill, NY approximately 10 miles from South Fallsburg.

I immediately contacted our client, the daughter of Mr. Ratynski and gave her the news. We then attempted to contact the New York State Police Investigator handling her father’s case so he could confer with the Investigator handling the case in Rock Hill.

As of this writing we have not heard anything back. We don’t know at this time if the remains found in Rock Hill are that of a male or female. In either case a DNA profile will most likely be constructed and put into the national DNA database (CODIS). Once entered, the profile will be searched against those contained in the database and hopefully a match will be found. While this could take some time, the process may provide an answer for our client as to where her father may be.

If these remains are not that of Ed Ratynski, we hope that they will be identified so that another family may obtain closure on their missing loved one.

If anyone has any information on the disappearance of Mr. Ratynski please contact the New York State Police at: 845-292-6600.

You can also contact Management Resources Ltd of NY at: 800-490-2267. Al information will be kept confidential.

Management Resources Ltd of New York is a professional investigative firm Licensed in New York and New Jersey. We are also licensed in Florida as Hudson Valley Protective Services. This blog is for our clients and friends in an effort to keep them abreast of our recent cases, investigative tools and techniques and emerging trends in our profession. We also welcome inquiries from potential new clients that may be contemplating hiring a Private Investigator, but have some questions or concerns about doing so. The investigators of Management Resources Ltd. of New York are here to assist you. Please feel free to participate.


President/CEO and Director of Investigations for Management Resources Ltd of New York

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