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Management Resources Ltd of New York is a professional investigative firm Licensed in New York and New Jersey. We are also licensed in Florida as Hudson Valley Protective Services. This blog is for our clients and friends in an effort to keep them abreast of our recent cases, investigative tools and techniques and emerging trends in our profession. We also welcome inquiries from potential new clients that may be contemplating hiring a Private Investigator, but have some questions or concerns about doing so. The investigators of Management Resources Ltd. of New York are here to assist you. Please feel free to participate.

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As Certified Criminal Defense Investigators we strive to find the truth in an attempt to obtain justice for our clients. We find it very rewarding when we accomplish that and would like to share some of our experiences with you.

A case of Mistaken Identity….All Charges Dropped for Queens Man facing 15 years in prison

Management Resources Ltd of NY- www.managementresourcesny.com and the Law Firm De Leon & Associates, PLLC (NY & NJ)http://www.deleonlawyers.com combined efforts were recently successful in convincing the Grand Jury to drop all charges dropped against a Queens man arrested for felony robbery & burglary.

In the summer of 2009, our client was arrested with another individual and charged with a home invasion robbery. During an extensive investigation we were able to establish that the complainant had mistakenly picked our client out in a police line-up.

Maintaining his innocence from the beginning, our client feared he would spend time in prison and never be able to clear his name. He brought in newspaper articles about wrongful accusations and convictions including the Duke Lacrosse Team case. At one point his despair was so overwhelming he pleaded with us to never stop fighting for him even if he was wrongfully convicted.

One of the great lawyers of our time, F. Lee Bailey wrote:  “Do not try to fix things by belatedly telling the truth to the nice police detective: he is not your friend. Get a lawyer, and a good one! …you need the best, right now. If his or her skill and experience can ward off an indictment, you will save a lot of grief, embarrassment, and money. If you do get charged, go to trial, and are acquitted, a large segment of the population will always think you got away with something. The ‘damnation of an acquittal’ is to be avoided whenever possible. With proper guidance, an innocent person may well be able to show that he should not be formally accused. …After all, the innocent people are the ones the justice system most often ignores.”

Written by:     Kim Anklin-V.P. of Analytical Services

Should you or a family member find yourself in a similar situation please feel free to contact us at:         800-490-2267



President/CEO and Director of Investigations for Management Resources Ltd of New York

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